Weight Loss Program Testimonials

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Lost 15 Lbs& 7% Body Fat

It feels good to be able to see & feel the progress I’m making!

Lost 21 lbs & 16 inches

I have always gone up and down with my weight after having 2 kids. I did the 20/30 fast track program and have now lost 21 lbs. This program is amazing. I am recommending this to all of my friends and family!

Lost 11 lbs & 5% body fat

At age 41 I started noticing my hormones were off balance. After having 2 kids, I needed to lose approximately 10 lbs. On the 20/30 Fast Track I lost 11 lbs in 20 days & 5% body fat & 5 inches in 30 days. On day 31 and 32, I lost additional 2 lbs and i have been able to maintain my weight. Now that ...Read More

Lost 23 lbs

First let me state: I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS PROGRAM! I have arthritis in my lower back (bad pain) and couldn’t walk very far or stand very long along with arthritis in knees, hips, elbows, and fingers. I am 73 and still had hot flashes. NOT ANYMORE!! NO hot flashes, NO PAIN in my lower back. On top ...Read More

Lost 14 lbs, 19 inches, and 5% body fat

My husband convinced me to go to the 20/30 Fast Track meeting with him because HE wanted to see what it was about. I came in with a very cynical mind, as I don’t believe in diets OR “gimmicky” fast weight loss claims. I am so relieved & proud to say this program was neither of those things. It ...Read More

Lost 15 lbs

I turned the big 40 in 2014. I had good energy. I was healthy, except for a couple of aches and pains. I ate pretty clean and I worked out 5-6 times a week. However, I was working so hard and doing everything right, with NO results. I definitely had hit a plateau and needed to do something different. ...Read More