Get into the groove, get into a group!

Kickboxing offers a great cardio workout, improves strength, core training, improves balance and reduces stress.

Find out when our kickboxing classes are offered by viewing our GroupX schedule.

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Kickboxing can help build stamina, improve flexibility and burn calories while you build lean muscles. Over time you will:

  • Enhance your Cardiovascular Health
  • Strengthen your Upper and Lower Body
  • Improve your Hand-Eye Coordination
  • Increase Confidence Level
  • Increase the release of endorphins which Reduces Stress

How do I get started?

As part of your Delta Valley Health Club’s network membership, you’re invited to attend our Group Exercise classes at no additional cost. We provide classes for all levels and cater to a range of needs. So whether you are looking for a cardio workout, a way to build and tone muscles, or a program that harmonises mind and body, stop by and try a few classes to find one that fits.





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