Chosen Training-- a youth basketball program!


Chosen Training was established in 2015. It was founded by Liberty High School graduate, Jermaine Worley who had a voracious desire to serve and be light for the children in the East Bay Area. Who then reached out to his partner Dwayne Freeman who also felt a calling to create what is now known as Chosen Training. We encourage athletes of all ages, to not only become a better athlete, but a better student, and ultimately a better person. Our aim is not only to develop athletic skill, but also to develop life skills.

​We offer our clients a wide range of services from Athletic Training (speed, strength, agility, vertical, stretching),Skill development (ball handling, shooting, defense) and Nutrition plans (meal plans, weight gain, loss plans). Our organization aims to give athletes a shot to play the game they love, while learning how to become responsible citizens.

​Chosen Training is a comprehensive, year-round basketball training program comprised of variety of learning opportunities. Our unique program consists of camps, mini-camps, clinics, skills academies, AAU teams and private and group instruction.

Each program is detailed and disciplined in its planning and approach. Chosen Training basketball curriculum is aimed at helping participates develop a love for the game of basketball, improve their on court skill set and beyond sports, and carry out the Chosen Training mission of building character and shaping lives through the game of basketball.

Chosen Training is a organization based on Christian values, founded on and led by Biblical principles. However, there is no aim to proselytize- those of all philosophies/religions are embraced. The basis of our mission comes from a desire to follow a calling to joyfully and humbly serve our Lord by serving members of our community, and demonstrating prosper leadership in character for our youth and their families. We value academics over athletics. One of our main focuses is to show athletes how their attitude and effort translate to all areas of life. Essentially, if you work hard on the court, that same work ethic needs to be applied in the classroom.


Jermaine "Chosen" Worley

​From the depths of the city of Oakland, California Jermaine has over 15 years of experience in Basketball. Starting out playing playground basketball to ending his career as a Student- Athlete at Simpson University. Growing up he wasn't always the best player on the team, but his desire to develop and train when others were sleeping gave him a chance to be a good college basketball player. Jermaine coached 4 basketball teams in his career. His first year of coaching, he was able to win four tournaments with his 14-under basketball team. Moreover, he is currently the head Junior Varsity basketball coach for Liberty High School. Furthermore, Jermaine is currently continuing his basketball career professionally for the California Golden Tigers (ABA). Most importantly, he hopes to continue to have an impact by showing young men and women that character on the court is just as vital as it is off the court. He wants to empower young athletes and teach them that they have a purpose and they are not an accident or mistake, but they are called to do great things because they were created to be creative and a light to everyone they come in contact with.


Dwayne Freeman

With a combined 20-plus-years of playing, coaching, and training Coach Dwayne tirelessly pours into the young men, and women in his community. Coach D began his coaching career coaching a 4th grade Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) team for the Immaculate Heart of Mary (IHM) parish in Brentwood, CA (Bay Area). His IHM teams would eventually win 3 (2010, 2012, 2013) Oakland Diocese Championships over the next five years. In addition to coaching CYO, Coach D has also coached 11-under - 17-under teams highly competitive AAU club basketball. Since 2013, Dwayne has been an assistant coach at Heritage high school in Brentwood, CA. Coach D has been fortunate to win league championships in each of his four years of coaching at the high school ranks.He now looks to continue his passions by empowering young men & woman to become great athletes.