Lost 14 lbs, 19 inches, and 5% body fat

My husband convinced me to go to the 20/30 Fast Track meeting with him because HE wanted to see what it was about. I came in with a very cynical mind, as I don’t believe in diets OR “gimmicky” fast weight loss claims. I am so relieved & proud to say this program was neither of those things. It is a cleanse that has now taught me to what I need to eat for optimum health & wellness. I have suffered serious systemic inflammation that has affected my heart and lungs, & now I have the best shot at controlling this inflammation through zero medications and completely through what foods I eat. In 28 days I lost 14 pounds (which put me at my goal weight), 19 inches, and 5% body fat. I had hot flashes, joint pain, tendinitis, and a skin rash on my face that I had for over a year. I am now a true believer, and so incredible excited to continue on with my “new normal” of clean eating. If you see me, ask me about it. I’d love to share my journey with you!