These days it isn't just Hollywood action stars getting in shape for a role who enjoy the luxury of a personal trainer. Thousands of us are realizing the benefits of having someone tailor a fitness program that meets our personal needs and fits around our busy lives.

Whether you want to drop a few pounds and tone up, get back to full strength after an injury, or prepare for a big sporting challenge, your personal trainer will be there to motivate you every step of the way. They can also offer invaluable expert advice on training and diet.

Not convinced of the benefits of having your own personal trainer? Why not take one for a test drive, so to speak? Delta Valley Health Club is offering free fitness assessments to help you analyse your fitness goals.

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Your Full Fitness Assessment includes:

  • A body fat percentage analysis which gives you a starting point and shows what work you need to do
  • Setting fitness goals that you want to meet at Delta Valley
  • Tips and tricks on how to achieve these important goals
  • Nutrition guidance to enhance your metabolism
  • A full dynamic workout tailored especially for you

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