Golf Simulator

Golf Simulator data improving golfers scores

Get immediate data on every shot, total carry, total distance, launch angle and ball speed. Ball speed translates into club head speed. See exactly how close you are hitting your ball to your chosen target.

When you hit balls outside you are playing a guessing game on what every shot is doing. In our golf studio you will have the data to show you that the adjustments you are making are working or not. This all happens in real time.

The Full Swing Golf Simulator in not a toy. Full Swing Simulators are built for those of us who want more out of our game. Adding practice time in the golf studio is only going to help you become a better player.

The best players in the world are working to be the best they can be, Why not you?

Make your certification appointment and start playing better. Only $40 gives you personal access to the golf simulator for the life of your membership at DVAC.

Golf instruction available both personal and in a group setting.


Titleist Performance Fitness Training Golf Academy 

You want the best and most efficient way to improve your swing?

Then join the corps. Golf Corps. TPI fitness training will have you hitting the ball further and straighter more consistently with the use of proven Titleist Performance Golf Fitness programs. If your body is not working in an efficient manner then your golf swings won’t perform with consistency. PGA and LPGA tour professionals are using fitness to play their best. Do you know why the tour pros are using fitness? BECAUSE IT WORKS!

If you want to be competitive on any level, social, club or inspire to play on a pro tour. Then you must make the decision and get on the TPI fitness craze.

Golf Corps. is now using Kinesis by technogym and TRX suspension

Peter Araujo is offering TPI packages, personal training and boot camps.

Pick the program that fits your style and play better tomorrow.

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  • Tiger speaks highly about upcoming youth practicing with golf simulators
  • Rory McIlroy uses TPI fitness training
  • If you can’t do a overhead deep squat that you will early extend every time
  • Our golf simulator give precise data on every shot
  • TPI fitness will have you staying stabilized & centered over the ball
  • 90% of tour players are using golf fitness programs
  • TPI fitness training is less expensive than buying new golf equipment 
  • You will feel better with fitness
  • Gary Player still uses golf fitness & is still playing and he is 77 years young<
  • Ian Poulter uses a golf simulator that is in his home