Delta Valley Fitness

Dear valued member,

Discovery Bay is a unique community. Our goal is to provide the ultimate in convenience to & from your home, complete with state-of-the-art equipment. Delta Valley Fitness will be a satellite club from our current Delta Valley Athletic Club.

I want to personally thank you & our current supporters, members and people who are most responsible for our current clubs success. Delta Valley Fitness will give our local Discovery Bay residents more opportunities to be fit, break through plateaus, save time, etc. We are personally inviting you along with our current members to take advantage of our second club location for an additional $25.00 add on rate. Certain restrictions apply, please see membership for details. Existing Delta Valley members will have priority access at a discounted rate.

Thank you for choosing Delta Valley Athletic Club it is our privilege to serve you. I look forward to hearing your continued stories of transformation.


Matt Ellison

Delta Valley Fitness Brentwood and Discovery Bay