Swim Testimonials


Gabriel Hidalgo

Gabriel has had swim lessons for three years prior to joining Delta Valley Swim and being paired with Keegan. Gabriel was unable to swim until he was enrolled in the accelerated swimming program with Keegan. I am amazed at his progress and I think we owe it to Keegan and the trust Gabriel has in him. Thank you Keegan. You are very skilled at teaching these youngsters how to swim and be proud of their accomplishments.


Ayla Moreno

We're writing this to Delta Valley Health Club to say how thankful we are to have had Ashley B. as the person who has been coaching our 3 year old. In only a few weeks Ayla can swim across the pool, she can dive down and retrieve water rings, she is being shown how to dive, she is learning how to use her arms and how to side breath. Ashley has demonstrated her commitment to making sure Ayla has a real good understanding of what it takes to be safe in the water. I never would have thought so much could be taught in such a short period of time. So thank you Delta Valley for offering lessons to all ages and for having such great coaches, and to Ashley for being such a great teacher.


John McCock

Why did I choose Delta Valley Health Club for swim lessons for my 4 year old? Year-round classes, plenty of day/time slots to choose from, and very reasonably priced. The staff is great and my son looks forward every week to his swim lesson!!


Evan and Brynn

Byrnn, four years old, and her little brother Evan who is three love swimming at Delta Valley swim school. We have learned how to swim by ourselves and are learning to dive in head first! Evan loves to swim and has even learned to get out of the pool all by himself. Evan and I have learned so much swimming at Delta Valley!


Sebastian Aamoth

My name is Sebastian Aamoth and I’m 7 years old. I’ve been swimming year-around at Delta Valley Athletic Club swim center since I was 4 and I’ve been in the water in one form or another swimming since I was 9 months old. Besides swimming, I love biking around Brentwood or in the nearby mountain, snow skiing, climbing and pretty much anything active. This year I competed in NorCal Kids triathlon in Orinda and SuperKid triathlon in Santa Cruz, CA. What’s a triathlon you ask? It’s an athletic contest in which each athlete competes without stopping in three consecutive events: swimming, cycling, and running. I’m now triathlete. Watch for me as I progress! Thank you to my swim coaches for your patience and expertise and helping me to become a better swimmer.


Alessandro Rossi

Delta Valley Health Club has great swim instructors and a wonderful childcare staff! My kids enjoy their classes and playtime. I feel it’s a very safe environment and the staff is very professional. Thank you to Luann, Gloria, Cindy, Jennifer, Andrea, and everyone works at Delta Valley Health Club!


Edris Hassani

Edirs has a great time in the pool with Mr. Julian. They work really well together and get along great! Edris comes for private lessons twice a week!